About Us

To provide transparent, commission free, fast, reliable and comprehensive information with wide range of quality and value for the money products and services, all under one roof with a buyer using Information, ideas and resources that excite local business to plant vibrantly and develop the strong local economy.

ts.com is a hyperlocal platform for local shopping and service that aims to connect local consumers to relevant product and service provider. Hereits fulfil the gap between user and businesses by helping users find relevant providers of products and services effortlessly, while helping businesses registered in Hereits to showcase their products and services to market their offerings. Hereits fulfil all kind of user need by helping user to find out relevant product and service providers nearby in a city. Users can check product with the help of hereits app and website then they can either visit store and buy product after physically checking it or buy online to get delivered to home. Hereits also facilitate place order from any store and letter on pick up order from store at your convenient time.

Hereits helps to book services in few steps.Service providers on Hereits can add service plan with price which can provide price transparency to user. User can get service at their door step or choose to take service at service providers place.

Hereits don’t act as a intermediator between buyer and seller of products and services so both can directly interact with each other and no one has to pay commissions for transaction.

Hereits understand importance of communications between buyer and seller to successfully complete a deal so that we have develop hereits chat which can overcome communication gaps. Hereits chat is power full instant messaging system which can helps to ask for availability of products, pricing of a services and products and other discussion regarding products and services.

Hereits.com helps you find all the new products and services available in your own community, with the touch of few clicks. We bring in best quality products by keeping customer profits in mind. Shop online from independent merchants without the hassle of comparing multiple websites or using various shopping carts. Hereits is your “Everyday things"

We provide our customers with a world-class of shopping experience with hot deals from in and around your neighbourhood. We have a wide range of products, and services by sellers and service providers.

Join in with our transparent, user-friendly online platform to experience the real shopping.